Worship Resources

Chord Charts and Sheet Music

Austin Stone contains a valuable supply of resources available for worship leaders.

Matt Boswell's Messenger Hymns is an excellent resource for theologically rich modern hymns.


Writings, Articles, and Audio Teachings

The following are available for your benefit and viewing or listening.

The Psalms and Corporate Prayer class teaching material

1. Covenant foundations of corporate prayer: manuscript, audio
2. Prayer of praise in Psalm 145: manuscript, audio
3. Prayer of thanksgiving in Psalm 118: manuscript, audio
4. Prayer of confession in Psalm 51: manuscript, audio
5. Prayer of lament in Psalm 44: manuscript, audio
6. Prayer of cursing in Psalm 109: manuscript, audio
7. Prayer of supplication in Psalm 86: manuscript, audio
8. Prayer of intercession in Psalm 34: manuscript, audio